Board of Education Meeting

District Administrative Office
Thursday, April 8 - 7:30am - 9:30am

    1. Business Items
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    2. Mission
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    The mission of the Big Walnut Local Schools is to inspire and guide each student to his or her maximum potential.

    3. Vision
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    In order to realize our mission, we will strive to achieve and maintain our vision of:

    • Student-focused, professional, collaborative staff
    • Student-focused, challenging and current curriculum
    • Supportive, involved and informed community
    • Safe, respectful and welcoming environment

    4. President
    Mr. Brad Schneider
    • Call to Order
    • Pledge of Allegiance 

    5. Roll Call
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    6. District Goals
    • Improve Academic Achievement
    • Promote Whole-Child Development
    • Optimize Capital & Human Resources
    • Demonstrate Financial Responsibility

    7. Superintendent's Report
    Mrs. Angie Hamberg

    7.1 District Goal: Improve Academic Achievement
    • Eagle Ambassador

    7.2 District Goals: Promote Whole-Child Development

    7.3 District Goal: Optimize Capital & Human Resources
    • Economic Development - Mr. Bob Lamb & Mr. Zachary Dowley
    • Construction Update - Mr. Doug Swartz

    8. Treasurer's Report
    Mr. Jeremy Buskirk

    8.1 District Goal: Demonstrate Financial Responsibility

    9. Board Members Items of Interest
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    10. Public Participation
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    This is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District's business and is not considered a public community meeting. This is a time for public participation during the meeting as indicated in the agenda. (Please reference criteria for Public Participation, which is attached to the agenda.)

    11. Business Items

    11.1 .
    Mr. Jeremy Buskirk

    It is recommended the Board approve the  Agreement between the Big Walnut Local School District Board of Education (“District”) and the Northern Columbus Athletic Association, an Ohio not-for-profit corporation (“NCAA”) to establish rules and protocols for use of certain District facilities by the NCAA coordinated with the District needs. 

    12. Scheduling of Next Board Meeting
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    Regularly Scheduled Meetings:
                April 15, 2021
                6:30 P.M.
                District Administrative Office     
    Streaming will be made available on the District website. Any Board meeting or Board member may be virtual at any time. 

    13. Executive Session
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    13.1 .

    It is recommended the Board enter Executive Session to consider the employment/appointment of a public employee/official, to consider the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or student, and to discuss confidential information related to negotiations with other political subdivisions regarding requests for economic development assistance.

    14. Adjourn
    Mr. Brad Schneider

    It is recommended the Board exit Executive Session and the meeting adjourns.